Why Do We Meet

This is a place where believers can grow and be strengthened by one another. Whether you consider yourself young, old, beginner or advanced, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community.
Once you reach fifty, the fun has just begun! Whether active as ever, retired, or just plain tired, the Just Over Youth (JOY) Ministry provides a refreshing opportunity for valuable interaction for those ages 50 and over. This mentoring ministry gives advanced believers a chance to meet and encourage those that are going through similar life experiences. They grow in Christ, while enjoying fellowship over various meals...especially during the pot luck dinners.
Each Sunday morning, children get to participate in their own classes. Lessons are screened by the Education Director to ensure the Truth is being taught and meaningful activities are taking place. We desire that every child be given an opportunity to participate and learn about the Lord as they grow and advance in each class.